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  • hey. would it possible to discuss getting some pokes for vgc nats in irc sometime? i need about 4-5. thanks. <:
    yeah irc, might be easier since if you highlight or pm me there I can see it immediatly :P I dont always check smogon by rrefreshing it every minute ;p
    anytime between err 1pm est and 6pm est on workdays should be fine
    or 10am PST (or w/e :P) and 3PM PST :P
    At this point, OD has already been assigned another opponent and there's very little time left, from the look of it, you'll have an activity win!
    So, your opponent hasn't logged on since the first of May and the time to get round 1 of VGC 98 matches is about half way through. Would you like to give him a bit more time or would you like me to give you a substitute?
    :) Cool, I'll get myself online now, my FC is: 3482-1752-3734. That's if you've still not got it ;) I should still have yours in my PalPad
    When you are ready and settled from school, then let me know and I'll get myself ready :)
    That was such an awkward and unexpected music system for me personally. I was expecting a pan-flute or something, but then it was like... "A conductor's wand... what am i supposed to..."
    Can you do it a bit later on? I'm a bit busy in the morning, if not then I'm sure we can sort something. I know I'm like 99% sure I am free from after 14:00 UK time
    If you are free tomorrow then I will gladly do the trade for the 'top then. If not then just let me know when you are next available and I'll work around to get it done
    Haha! I'm just the opposite! As soon as I got done with it, I handed it off to my lil bro, who played it through. Then it went to my lil brother in law, who handed it to his lil sister, who handed it to her lil sister.

    I only got to play a completionists quest through the first runthrough.

    Hey dude...

    Could I possibly get one of those "perfect" IV dittos off of you? If possible, could I also get a timid male Vulpix with energy ball? Could you also have one of those pokemon catch pokerus? I'd quite appreciate it.
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